Youth in Dialouge - Program 2022 online

‘Always look for the Dialogue!’
Under the heading of ‘Always look for the Dialogue!’ we want to find and follow a reasonably secure path to the connection between ‘you and I’!
How often it is that we humans disagree and then react with rejection, disappointment, anger or rage, even war …
Wouldn’t it be more important to stay in touch with each other?
You may be able to get the conversation going again by pushing yourself and simply saying or asking: ‘What part of that did I disappoint or hurt you with – and what did you understand, maybe you misunderstood something I said?’.
It is always important to take the first step towards the other person.
Let’s embrace them and bring CALM to our agitated souls or minds TOGETHER.
With this in mind, we would like to call on all participants in ’Youth in Dialogue‘ to make an effort to realise such a dialogue with one another in our time together.

With heartfelt greetings,
the EURIADE-Team: Danuta, Martha, Ben, Berry, Joep, Martin, Nino and Werner