Euriade at a glance

The Euriade, the international festival of dialogue, takes place from February till December in the ‘Euregio Charlemagne’, the border-region of Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Every year the Festival has a different theme, for example ‘Give the OTHER … OUR hand’ or ‘Children of OUR world’. About the themes publications,magazines and books are published within our ‘own’ label ‘EREBODOS’.

The dialogue or application of the ‘dialogic principle’ of Martin Buber is leading. A highlight next to many others is in this context for example the meeting of the winner of the Martin Buber-Plaque with young students of the Youth in Dialogue (see there).

Young people from different continents, religions, cultures, political ‘systems’, from the most diverse social and economic populations meet EACH OTHER and at the end of their stay at ‘Youth in Dialogue’ the winner of the Martin Buber-Plaque to discuss and talk.

What we do

The ‘International Festival of the Dialogue’ EURIADE manifest itself in all possible cultural  areas. In addition, the dialogue, the search for connectivity with the OTHER is central.

We do that with our project Youth in Dialogue. As well as with our musical events for example the Orpheo concert series, seminars, lectures and exhibitions …, also in our publications and very special in awarding the Martin Buber-Plaque.

Many ‘Partners’ and ‘Friends’ give us the opportunity to bring people together, to create together a ‘LITTLE BIT OF A WORLD’, In which one sees the feeling of affiliation as mercilessly, happily and wants to hold it firm …

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Martin Buber-Plaque

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