About us

The central objective of all our activities is to create communication, interaction and thus understanding between people. Meeting people, who are completely unknown, meeting strangers, offers the opportunity of opening up to and thus of recognizing oneself in the OTHER. This is exactly what EURIADE – derived from the Hebrew/Greek words ereb/odos – means: getting on the road to the UNKNOWN, to the OTHER.

The ‘Dialogical Principle’ of Martin Buber’s philosophy based on the gradual overcoming of the ‘I and You’-antithesis is at the very core of all the activities organized by the organisation. This fundamental concept is emphasized by the Martin Buber-Plaque Ceremony, by which people are honoured for their outstanding commitment to endorse dialogue in a positive way and helping the needy.

We have two boards to take the decisions for our activities. We also publish books, magazines and CD’s to support our communication and to capture our activities for those who want to know more about Euriade. And we give workhops about culture, philosophy and literature.

Two boards

We have two boards: Euriade e.V. and Stichting Euriade.

The board of Euriade e.V.

Boardmembers from left to right: Werner Janssen, Martin Bloemers, Danuta Nickchen, Ben Scheffler, Berry van der Werf.

Ben Scheffler

The board of Stichting Euriade

Boardmembers from left to right: Werner Janssen, Martin Bloemers, Berry van der Werf, Nino Pennino, Danuta Nickchen.