34/5000 Book presentation and exhibitions

Book presentation "Earth Symphony" by Werner Janssen as well as opening of the exhibitions “Our Earth! Our answers? ”With works by Andreas Matyas from Hungary and Ernesto Marques from Portugal

This on August 8, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. in the HuB. theatre Kerkrade, Theaterplein 30.

Welcome: Loco Mayor of the City of Kerkrade, Leo Jongen.

Martin Buber Academy for Humanics restarted

Our hands!

Hands are looking for each other!
Fingers stretch out
feel life, closeness,
Friendship, love,

Our souls breathe
push towards each other
touch each other…

Let’s listen
our HANDS!

Heinz Hof

Dear interested parties in the “Activities” of the Martin Buber Academy for Humanics!

After almost six months because of the pandemic it was impossible for us to continue studying humanism, we hope to be able to continue in good health soon.

This under the guide:


(Title of the new book by Werner Janssen, which will be published in September by the Euriade publishing house “EREBODOS”)

The focus will be on dealing with those human “FORCES” that form the basis for human dealings with oneself and the OTHER.

The program

  1. Humanism and humanism, an introduction to the terms
  2. Humanism and other “isms” (atheism, idealism, rationalism, fascism …)
  3. Humanistic directions and their starting points …
  4. “Our” OTHER humanism …
  5. HUMANICS or foundations of this OTHER humanism
  6. Considerations of the individual “human” forces

The emphasis is, of course, on the conversation that we have together and on the practical application of the knowledge gained in everyday life

At the end of this – basically never ending – training we are “true” HUMANISTS!

That means: PEOPLE living in RELATIONSHIP …

Estimated start: end of July, when we can use the HuB (theater) in Kerkrade again. Cost per seminar € 10

Martin Bloemers, Dean MBAfH
Werner Janssen, Rector MBAfH
Ben Scheffler, Vice-Rector MBAfH

Martin Buber Academy for Humanics

Martin Buber Academy for Humanics

Info day on June 1 or July 6, 2019 at 12:00

Since April 1, the Stichting Euriade grew another branch on its tribe:

The Martin Buber Academy for Humanics.

On an academic level the Academy wants to teach its students through seminars on HUMANITY.

The graduation would be a bachelor’s degree in Human Sciences.

More information on the website.