On Sunday, the 25th of August 2019 in Kerkrade

from 14:00 to 18:00, free entry

Come and play what you can and want on your harmonica. OR just come over and listen with a glass of beer / wine and a bite, to the harmonica music from others …

Yesterday’s Monneka meeting (dialect) went well. Music, dancing … beer, wine, cosiness, connectedness ……

Watch the video: Schuhplattnerer Seppl alias Werner

Tzezame mit/In samenwerking met/in Zusammenarbeit mit
Gemeente Kerkrade, Stichting EURIADE e.V. und ME-Productions Ed Spronck, Kerkrade, Danuta-Partyservice, Herzogenrath

Informatie/Information: euriade@euriade.net (0031 6 55165135) of/oder hscheilen@home.nl (0031 45 5457750) of/oder bij/bei Harmoniezaal ’t Trefpunt,Meuserstraat 133, Haanrade, Kerkrade (0031 45 5455670)