Orpheo Concert series with Ben Cruchley (Piano)

Sunday 14.04.2019, 15.00 clock

Toronto-born pianist Ben Cruchley, praised by the press for his „very individual,“ „charismatic,“ and „ever-exciting“ game, has been a laureate in many competitions. He is often a guest in renowned houses.

He completed his studies in Rome and Montreal. He is also interested in contemporary music. He also regularly works as an assistant conductor and choral repeater.


François Couperin
Eine Auswahl/een selectie

Maurice Ravel
„Le tombeau de Couperin“

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonate #32 Opus 111


Sekretariat Euriade e.V. (DE)
Frau Danuta Nickchen


The ORPHEO concert series will start in the new season in the
THEATER KERKRADE, Theaterplein 30, 6461 DR Kerkrade

Reception from an hour earlier in HuB. Kerkrade.