All possible texts – comments, responses, programs, informations –  on the EURIADE-activities are published in our program book, on the website and in our magazine with the meaningful name “EuriArtes” (Arts of the EURIADE).
It is published twice a year.

In this magazine the young participants of the project “Youth in Dialogue” are given the opportunity of presenting their own experiences and ideas.

Each year a book with reflections, poems, stories and paintings or drawings on the Euriade-theme is published.

Our publications are published EREBODOS, EURIADE’s publishing branch.

EuriArtes 52

Youth in Dialogue

EuriArtes 51

Martin Buber-Plaque 2019

EuriArtes 50

Youth in Dialogue 2018

EuriArtes 49

Martin Buber-Plaque 2018

EuriArtes 48

Youth in Dialogue 2017

EuriArtes 47

Martin Buber-Plaque 2017

EuriArtes 44

Youth in Dialogue 2015

EuriArtes 43

Martin Buber-Plaque 2015

EuriArtes 42

Youth in Dialogue 2014

EuriArtes 41

Martin Buber-Plaque 2014