Press conference: EuriArtes 52 and Martin Buber plaque winner

Presentation of the EuriArtes 52 and the Martin-Buber plague winner 2020

Friday, January 7th, 2020, 11:00 a.m.

Dear friends, partners, guests of EURIADE!

We would like to draw your attention to our traditional press conference,
where the new issue (EuriArtes) with the reports of the past
year is presented and we will announce who 2020 (on 27.
November) “receives” the Martin Buber plaque.
The PK takes place on February 7th at 11 a.m. in the HuB.Theater Kerkrade at the
Martin Buberplein.

From 10.30 am reception with “coffee and cake”.

With kind regards

Your Euriade team, Danuta, Martha, Ben, Berry, Joep, Martin, Nino and Werner



Sekretariat Euriade e.V. (DE)
Frau Danuta Nickchen

THEATER KERKRADE, Theaterplein 30, 6461 DR Kerkrade 

Christmas 2019

Consecrated darkness

In the solemn silence
of the dark winter time
we feel
the rebirth
of calm, light and coherence.

Let us give ourselves
this quiet voice
simply there.

We will hear
the sense
of the true life
in the happiness of connectedness.

Heinz Hof

to the new year

To the new year!

Let us in our encounters with the other
Realize moments, hours, situations,
which in the light of connectedness
will be shaped with each other.

We are happy to write, sing and speak
the high song of “togetherness”!

Heinz Hof

Andreas van Agt: Martin Buber-Plaque 2019

Ceremony of the award of the Martin Buber plaque 2019

to Andreas van Agt

Friday, the 22nd of November at 6 pm at the HuB, Theater Kerkrade (NL).
Reception from 17.00 clock.

The chairman of the Stichting Euriade and the board of trustees Martin Buber plaque, Werner Janssen, the mayor of the city of Kerkrade, Ms. Petra Dassen and the mayor of the city of Herzogenrath Christoph von den Driesch – at the same time chairman of the association EURODE – have the honor to invite you Award of the Martin Buber badge to the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

Andreas van Agt. Prime Minister of the Netherlands 1977-1982

Eulogy: Jan Terlouw, (physicist, politician, writer)

Musical Intermezzi: Jacqueline Florie (singer) and the Popchor Divided of the SMK, Parkstad under the direction of Marjolein van Gilst)

The award ceremony takes place during the International Festival of Dialogue EURIADE.

Afterwards you are invited to a drink.

Please register before 31st October 2019.


Sekretariat Euriade e.V. (DE)
Frau Danuta Nickchen

Programm 2019 JiD

The program on "Youth in Dialogue"


Hello …. Thank you!

Dear friends and guests, dear young people from all over the world, who together with us are realizing the project ‘Youth in Dialogue’ – now in the 44th year of existence of EURIADE!

With a cordial HALLO we would like to say ‘WELCOME’ again to all of you in November in Kerkrade and in the Euregio Charlemagne.

Let’s use the days again to live in an atmosphere of friendship with one another. This with respect, responsibility for and trust in each other …

After our encounters, we will be ENRICHED WITH THE OTHER, with his mentality, personality and character, simply with the experienced other ‘HUMAN BEING’ …

We will say Thank you …

With kind regards,

The EURIADE team: Danuta, Martha, Ben, Berry, Martin, Nino and Werner

Dialogue: Andreas van Agt Martin Buber-Plaque 2019

Dialogue: Andreas van Agt Martin Buber-Plaque 2019

Message of Andreas van Agt, recipient of the Martin Buber-Plaque to the youth of the world.

This event is part of the Euriade project ‘Youth in Dialogue’. ‘Youth in Dialogue’ is based on the

‘dialogical principle’ of the philosopher Martin Buber and is organized each year during EURIADE International Festival of Dialogue.


Sekretariat Euriade e.V. (DE)
Frau Danuta Nickchen

Club Guy&Roni & Göteborg Ballett

Club Guy&Roni & Göteborg Ballett


Donnerstag/Thursday 21.11.2019, 20.00 Uhr/h

Die menschliche Odyssee! Ein Versuch, existenzielle Fundamente des Menschen aufzuspüren und einzufangen als die Bausteine unserer kollektiven Geschichte. Mit den GöteborgsOperans Danskompani – ist ein Porträt der Liebe in einer Zeit einer endlosen Auswahl. Eine Gruppe von

18 fragilen Charakteren (dargeboten von Tänzern, Musikern und Schauspielern), die ihre verzweifelten Bemühungen zum Ausdruck bringen, die Einsam keit zu bekämpfen. Eine Mitsommer nachtstraum – Halluzination.

The Human Odyssey! An attempt to trace and capture human existential pillars, the building stones of our collective story. With the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani – is a portrait of love in an era of endless swiping choice. A group of 18 fragile characters (performed by dancers musicians and actors), expressing their desperate effort to fight loneliness. A Midsummer Night’s Dream hallucination.


Sekretariat Euriade e.V. (DE)
Frau Danuta Nickchen

Konzert/Concert: Peter Naryshkin


Peter Naryshkin

Dienstag/Tuesday 19.11.2019, 20.00 Uhr/h

Peter Naryshkin absolvierte sein Studium an der Hochschule für Musik C.M. von Weber in Dresden. Zur Zeit studiert er an der Talent Music Masters Academy in Brescia (Italien) bei Prof. Andreas
Frölich. Er ist Preisträger bei zahlreichen inter-
nationalen Wettbewerben.


Peter Iljitsch Tchaikovsky
–Chant d’éligique
–Polka de salonne
Ludwig van Beethoven
–Sonate E dur op. 109
– Vivace ma non troppo – Adagio espressivo prestissimo
Ludwig van Beethoven
–32 Variationen c-moll
Franz Liszt
–Sonate h-moll S. 178 (Fuge: Allegro energico)
Ludwig van Beethoven
–Sonate C dur „Waldstein“
– Allegro con brio
– Introduzione
– Rondo. Allegretto moderato


Sekretariat Euriade e.V. (DE)
Frau Danuta Nickchen

Theater: Mephausto



Sonntag/Sunday 17.11.2019, 19.00 Uhr/h

„Mephausto“ Aufführung durch die Jugendlichen unter der Leitung von Valerie Geels.
Auftritte Studenten Musikschule SMK Parkstad.
‘Mephausto’ performance by the youngsters.
Performances students music school SMK Parkstad.

Theaterstück nach dem Buch „Mephausto“ von Werner Janssen.
Theater play based on the book ‘Mephausto’ from Werner Janssen.


Sekretariat Euriade e.V. (DE)
Frau Danuta Nickchen