Objective of the EURIADE Project Youth in Dialogue

Patroness - Sabine Verheyen, Member of the European Parliament, Aachen
Patron - Harm Wiertz, entrepreneur, Kerkrade
Patron - Oliver Paasch, prime minister of the German-speaking Community, Eupen

"Youth in Dialogue" is a constituent element of the EURIADE Festival during the
"Week of the Dialogue".

In this week students between 16 and 18 years of age from all over the world - for example participants from South Africa, Poland, Ukraine, Palestine, Israel, Romania, Russia, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany - meet with politicians, managers, scientists, handicapped people, monks, artists and - last but not least - the holder(s) of the Martin Buber-Plaque. In harmony with Martin Buber's "Dialogical Principle" we, the members of EURIADE Foundation, want young people to get on their way to the OTHER...

It is our central objective to give them the opportunity of experiencing universal and indispensible values such as understanding, tolerance, respect and responsibility. We are deeply convinced that especially young people should learn about and understand the different religions, civilizations and culture of the OTHERS by being directly and individually confronted with these questions. Only then will they be able to accept and to respect them. They will learn how to critically deal with these problems in a positive way.

For us it is always a great pleasure and satisfaction to see that each year young people who have never met before, who are complete strangers to each other, open up to and go towards each other, inspiring and being inspired by the OTHER:

After this "Week of the Dialogue" the students themselves write reports, essays and poems about their personal experiences. These reports published in EuriArtes may also express their individual views on the discussions and conversations with the Martin Buber-Plaque holder(s). For recent editions of this magazine click on
"EURIADE publications".

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