Youth in Dialogue 2015 - Impressions

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Some reactions of participants YID 2015
(from EuriArtes 44)

When I hear the word Euriade feelings and expressions like unity, freedom, dialogue, conversations, trust and many more are deeply felt by my heart. What a week it has been – meeting new people, visiting the most beautiful places and most important of all- learning and observing our world and the people all over the world. No money can buy this knowledge…
Mieke Kleynhans, Ben Viljoen Höerskool (South Africa)

This experience bound us all together and I was not longer one girl from Germany, I was member of a big group. THE EURIADE FAMILY
Rebecca Stollenwerk, Kreisgymnasium Heinsberg (Germany)

I’d like to emphasize that this journey has given each person something new and memorable. I’m very grateful for this priceless experience.
Oleksii Pereguda, Technical Lyceum NTUU KPI, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2015

Ich hätte es nie für möglich gehalten, dass Menschen, die sich nicht kennen, nicht dieselbe Sprache sprechen und nicht aus demselben Land kommen, solch gute Freunde werden können. Aber ich habe im Laufe der Woche gemerkt, dass wir alle nur Menschen sind. Menschen mit denselben Problemen, Sorgen, aber auch Interessen und Hobbys sind.
Sven Aretz, Europaschule Herzogenrath (Germany)

There are lots of things I learned during the week in the Netherlands. I learned about other school systems and about different types of food. But most importantly, I learned that if you are open to new things and are not afraid to be the person you truly are people will make a place for you in their hearts faster than you can say ‘Euriade’.
Zsófia Szalavári, Piaristengymnasium, Vienna (Austria)

Youth in Dialogue 2014 - Impressions

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Some reactions of participants YID 2014
(from EuriArtes 42)

Not only the organized activities were unforgettable experiences but also the time we spent with people from countries of the entire world. We had the unique opportunity to meet people and create memories with people from Russia, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, and so on. We couldn’t be more thankful for everything we learned and every person we met during this week.
Petit Laetitia, Stockhausen Julia, Debougnoux Alicia, Collège Notre Dame, Gemmenich (Belgium)

Schon bei der ersten Begegnung mit den neuen Jugendlichen verspürte ich ein Gefühl von Vertrauen. Ich fühlte mich wohl, angenommen und auch irgendwie heimisch. Ich hatte das Gefühl die Anderen, egal aus welchem Land sie kamen, schon ewig zu kennen.
Hannah Laurs, Kreisgymnasium Heinsberg

We never expected to have a week so mesmerising that we can still talk and smile about the amazing memories we made. Not only were we able to meet so many wonderful people, we were given the opportunity to make wonderful memories with them.
Asmara Leysner, Wolfert Tweetalig, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

It was a great opportunity to come into contact with different cultures, with different people’s feelings. In this way, I began to understand the people I met and spent this incredible week together with. That was the way to each other, to the hearts of other people.They opened the door to their hearts. And this is very important.
Matiunina, Diaghilev Gymnasium, Perm (Russia)

We learnt how to hold a dialogue, and at the same time realized that listening to another person is equally important, because every dialogue starts with listening to someone.
Bartosz Cenarski, Zespół Szkół Żeglugi Śródlądowej (Poland)

Some reactions of participants YID 2013
(from EuriArtes 40)

"This is a remarkable chance to learn oneself, one’s skills, make new friends and also to enjoy Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands all at once!!! Now I am at home in Moscow, a month has passed but I still can’t forget Euriade, the feelings I had, the people I met. I am sure I will remember this trip forever!"
Kristina Matveeva, School 775, Moscow, Russia

"I have experienced people in more ways then dialogue. It was not just talking to them but also entering through their eyes and journeying through their minds and hearts but better yet touching their soul. It lights a fire inside your own soul, it is that emotion that brings you close to the edge that no emotion can compare with. It was discovering not only the greatness of someone else but also their errors. This gave you an opportunity to mend that which is broken in someone else. Making someone else whole and to see a smile on their face that assures you that they are truly happy. That makes you happy, excited and gives a feeling that you have purpose.
A tear runs down my face and my heart and soul fills with sadness for I have to leave everyone behind…everything. The forests, building, people, food, chocolate, my warm and soft bed, these long hall ways were each step felt like a dance and a big piece of my heart that will be separated in bits that everyone takes with them. Yet joy fills me for I know memories of this place and everyone will go with me from this day till the day we meet again. Thank you Euriade 2013 for the best experience of my life. You are not just and event but a person that offers a new world to one’s mind and soul. May I be so blessed to meet you again. Look, take care and you will find luck and happiness."
Loffie Euvrard, Highschool Ben Viljoen, South Africa