EURIADE (Stichting Euriade, the Netherlands / Euriade e.V., Germany) organizes the following events and activities:
  The ORPHEO concert series on various Sundays in the period Februar until July.

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  EURIADE, the International Festival of Dialogue in
Oct./Nov. each year. Highlights are the Martin Buber-Plaque
, the project week "Youth in Dialogue"
and the literary event "Youth in Word".

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  In coöperation with Martin Buber University, Euriade offers different courses (literature, philosophy and more..) by Prof. dr. dr. Werner Janssen.
(Only available in German / Dutch language).

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The central objective of all these activities is to create communication, interaction and thus understanding between people.
Meeting people, who are completely unknown, meeting strangers offers the opportunity of opening up to and thus of recognizing oneself in the OTHER.
This is exactly what EURIADE – derived from the Hebrew/Greek words ereb/odos – means: getting on the road to the UNKNOWN, to the OTHER.

The “Dialogical Principle” of Martin Buber’s philosophy based on the gradual overcoming of the “I and You”- antithesis is at the very core of all the activities organized by the organisation.
This fundamental concept is emphasized by the Martin Buber-Plaque Ceremony, by which people are honoured for their outstanding commitment to helping the needy.