EURIADE, the International Festival of Dialogue

This annual November festival takes place in the towns of 'Euregio Maas-Rhine' along the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. This integrative and cooperative region in the very heart of Western Europe is also known by 'Euregio Charlemagne', a term coined by 'Stichting Euriade'.

The central objective of this festival is meeting people within the context of different fields of science and culture such as:

  • concerts
  • paintings and sculptures
  • scientific seminars
  • literature event for young writers "Youth in Word"
  • Martin Buber-Plaque ceremony
  • international project "Youth in Dialogue"
The integrative and qualified dialogue between different groups of people of all ages is of essential relevance - especially for the young participants of the festival.

Evaluative texts on the festival week are published in EuriArtes, the Magazine of 'Stichting Euriade'.

It is published twice a year and it informs about the programmes and the backgrounds of EURIADE activities.

Special issues of "EuriArtes" provide further information on the philosophical relation between Martin Buber's work and the Martin Buber-Plaque holder(s) as well as the "Youth in Dialogue" project. In this way the young participants of the "Week of the Dialogue" are given the opportunity of presenting their own experiences and ideas.

In irregular intervals there are further editions focusing on topical questions of general interest.
The magazine is a publication of EREBODOS, EURIADE's publishing branch.

For recent EuriArtes issues click on "EURIADE publications".